Practice Log

My Music Staff features a fully functional Parent/Student Portal.

The student portal allows you to:

  • View school news and schedule updates
  • View your calendar of upcoming events, lessons, public events
  • Register and cancel lessons based on school policies
  • View your attendance
  • View your borrowed and downloaded library items
  • Track student practice time and leave notes or questions you have from your practice session
  • Add and track you repertoires
  • View you email history
  • View their teacher(s) contact information
  • Keep up-to-date with studio news
  • View the family’s account and invoice information (only visible to parents/adult students -- and not quite set up yet.....)

About MyMusicStaff

The Practice Log in My Music Staff lets students log in and record how much time they spend practicing. You can also leave notes and questions for your teacher. This provides a great way to promote practicing and improve communication with your students.

A student experiencing difficulty with a particular passage or technique might forget the specifics of their problem by the time lesson day rolls around. Practice notes can eliminate this forgetfulness and dramatically improve the effectiveness of the lesson.

By having  students track how much (or little) they actually practice, you can improve their accountability for their progress. Students will actually be able to see the effort they’re putting into their music lessons, instead of a vague “Yeah” to the inevitable “Did you practice?” question.