Piano Street book 1 ::

groups for middle, high school & adults

  • TBD

Keyboard Prep book 1 :: 8-11 years

  • Wednesday 7:00-7:55 Moss Beach

  • Friday 6:00-6:55 Moss Beach

  • Saturday 5:15-6:10 Half Moon Bay

Young Musician book 1 :: 6-8 years

  • Sunday 12:45-1:10 Moss Beach

  • Wednesday 3:15-4:10 Moss Beach

  • Saturday 3:15-4:10 Half Moon Bay

Piano Classes: (4 student minimum; 8 max)

Harmony Roadbook 1 :: 5-6 years

  • Sunday 11:45-12:40 Moss Beach

  • Friday 2:00-2:55 Moss Beach

  • Saturday 4:15-5:10 Half Moon Bay

Piano :: Guitar :: Drums ::  Violin

Beginners of all ages are encouraged to start with a minimum of one year of piano classes.

Private lessons are open to students with previous experience on an instrument.

Adult beginners are welcome to start in private lessons.

Young students who are absolutely sure they know which instrument they love, are welcomed, too.

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Classes for under 5s

We have two different Early Childhood Classes. Which one you choose depends on a lot of factors: how many kids in your family; what are the ages of your child or children; what location is best for you; what days and times fit your life. All students who go through our early childhood programs are ready to begin piano/total musicianship classes at age 5 years.

EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSES: Kids' Music Round (ages 0-3) and Music in Me (3-5 years) can be joined at any time during the school year. Kids' Music Round runs in 12-week sessions. (This is new -- it used to be 10-week sessions.) Our class is targeted to under 3s, but this class is designed for children up to age 5 years. Older children are welcome to join this class -- and they will love it -- if you cannot bring them to a class of their own.

Music in Me is a semester-based class with sessions beginning in September and January. This class is for 3s, 4s and 5s and introduces them to the piano and music notation along with singing, moving, playing percussion, responding to music and just plain fun and giggles.