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Tuition for classes and private lessons is based on the total number of classes/lessons (plus to public performances) per school year. The number of classes varies depending on the day of the week you have your class/lesson.

ANNUAL PER FAMILY REGISTRATION FEE: Early childhood students do not pay the registration fee. All families with student age 5-years and older pay a $60 annual fee. This covers our performance venue insurance, rent and other miscellaneous expenses.

MATERIALS FEE: Please include materials fees with the first tuition payment.

FOR CLASSES: The annual amount is divided in half for semester payments (your best  deal) or divided into 10 equal payments plus a small bookkeeping fee due the first of the month September through June. 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Tuition is based on the the annual number of classes for your scheduled day (plus two public performance) divided by 10.

PERFORMING GROUPS: One public performance per semester is included in your tuition. Additional performances and extra rehearsals will be invoiced at the regular per class rate.